Expiry of the license agreement with H&N. Global sales of LSL layers

The year began with the expiry of the licensing agreement for the world-wide sales and the huge success of the LSL laying hens.

LSL Efficiency Formula for Egg production
It soon became evident that the requirements for individual traits of the hybrid and the egg were not the same in Europe and the USA. Therefore, it was necessary to develop a layer specifically adapted to “our” markets. After only a few years of intensive genetic work, LOHMANN came out with our successful layer, the LSL hen (LOHMANN Selected Leghorn).

Product launch LOHMANN BROWN layers

LOHMANN BROWN – guarantee of success In 1984 there followed a further major guarantee of success: LOHMANN BROWN began to dominate the market. So for markets with a preference for brown-shelled eggs LOHMANN also offers the tailored bird.

Thus, LOHMANN also offers the right hen for markets in demanding brown eggs, thereby securing a high market share in this rapidly growing segment. After only a short time LOHMANN distributors and their customers appreciate that they can purchase very productive and efficient white and brown layers form the very same source and therefore are able to react quickly to changing demand on the egg market

Paul Wesjohann & Co. GmbH acquires the LOHMANN & Co. AG including its subsidiary LOHMANN TIERZUCHT GmbH

Three years later, in 1987, Paul Wesjohann & Co GmbH purchased LOHMANN & Co AG, inclusive of the subsidiary company, LOHMANN TIERZUCHT GmbH, which then in 1999 became part of the the globally-operating EW Group GmbH.