Opening of a new vaccine plant

The outer shell is rather inconspicuous, the content has everything. A new vaccine plant was built in Cuxhaven by LOHMANN TIERZUCHT GmbH. With the new building, a big sail was set for the production and development site in Cuxhaven.

Vaxxinova GmbH

The vaccine business was outsourced to the independent associate company, Vaxxinova GmbH, Which develops, produces and markets a wide range of innovative vaccines to protect livestock and fish against disease. They create high quality solutions to improve animal health and to support the business of their customers. Vaxxinova believe that innovation and excellence in research are essential to produce premium products that match the current and future requirements in animal health.

Valo BioMedia GmbH

The outsourcing of the vaccine business was closely followed by the outsourcing of the VALO/SPF business sector to the subsidiary company, Valo BioMedia GmbH.
VALO BioMedia is a global supplier of Vaccine Eggs used in the production of human and animal vaccines and in pharmaceutical research. Within a short period of time they became the largest supplier of SPF Eggs in Europe and in the top two globally. Also in the production of Clean Eggs VALO BioMedia is the world leader today.