For every market the right egg

Anybody who wants to produce eggs needs laying hens – and of course only healthy and efficient ones. Therefore, LOHMANN began very early to concentrate on these characteristics in their selection programs. Consumers, however, wanted more to choose from: Some people preferred white eggs, others brown eggs, some wanted large eggs, others smaller eggs.

For every management the Right Hen

Even egg producers had different demands: some kept layers in cages, others in aviaries or free-range systems. To meet those demands, LOHMANN quickly developed the principle “The right hen for every management – the right egg for every market”. The initial product range of two hybrids, LOHMANN LSL and LOHMANN BROWN, was extended to three products in white or brown shell colour: CLASSIC for “average egg size, LITE for smaller egg size and EXTRA for extra high egg weight. The hybrids LOHMANN TRADITION, LOHMANN SILVER and LOHMANN SANDY complete the range.

Worldwide presence guarantees first place

LOHMANN is represented in all the key regions of the world by production sites, subsidiary companies and world-wide shareholdings. With our own production sites for pure lines and grandparent stock in Germany, Denmark, Spain, Canada, the USA and recently also in Scotland and our own breeding establishments in all the major countries, we have a solid base and have secured major competitive advantages for our customers.

Although the headquarters of LOHMANN is and remains in Cuxhaven, in order to meet the demands of a leading global company, we have been working since 2015 on decentralisation to secure the success and the existence of this "small company" from Cuxhaven. To be continued…