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النشرة الإخبارية LOHMANN
النشرة الإخبارية LOHMANN

مارس 21 LOHMANN worldwide – Easter Special Part I!


Share with us your special Easter traditions!

In many cultures and countries, the egg is the center of attention at Easter time, as it symbolizes fertility and the origin of life. This is exactly how we look at it here at LOHMANN BREEDERS as well, and not only during Easter, but all year round.

We hide our eggs during Easter and you?

On Easter Sunday, children in Germany look for hidden chocolate eggs or hand-painted eggs in the house or in the garden. A cherished tradition that perhaps also exists in your countries as well?


What are some of your special Easter traditions?

As an international company, we are always excited to learn more about other cultures and countries.

Share with us your special Easter traditions at LinkedIn
or send to marketing@lohmann-breeders.com

We’re looking forward for a colorful mixture of Easter traditions!
Your LOHMANN Marketing Team!





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