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Новостная рассылка Lohmann
Новостная рассылка Lohmann


Pooling Knowledge and Expertise for the Higher Purpose

Uniting and bringing together a multitude of professionals from 21 countries, Lohmann School 2019 was an event brimming with exchange of novel ideas, expertise and fresh new perspectives. The biggest Lohmann School to take place till date, over 52 professionals joined the school with the motive of absorbing the knowledge and expertise of our speakers and to be well-informed about the industry happenings.

The week long program was a combination of relaxed presentations by our team of experts, field visits, entertainment sessions and delectable cuisine. Our team of experts were really able to dive deep and provide insights and connect with the participants. Each of our speakers were quite meticulous and detailed in the presentation and highly encouraged the participants’ reaction and feedback. This back and forth sharing of knowledge and experience on several critical topics like Genetics & Breeding, Egg Hatching, Housing & Brooding, Feed Formulation, Rearing Management, Production Management, Vaccination and Diseases, Alternative Systems and IT Tools resulted in not only the participants gaining from our experts but also our team gaining a fresh wave of perspectives from them.

Along with this, we were more than honored to give our guests a taste of Germany through our culinary programs and sight-seeing tour. From an exciting Karaoke night to a breathtaking sightseeing tour in Bremen, we made sure our guests would have a lot to take back with them than their learnings from the seminar!

Providing a practical orientation to the poultry industry and a platform for transfer of expert and competent advice, Lohmann School 2019 has increased our determination to continually provide our customers with upgraded and comprehensive information. We are greatly indebted towards the participants for joining this event and for considering it equally unparalleled and beneficial. With immense enthusiasm in our hearts, we can conclude that the event was enormously successful and a big win for both the sides!





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