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As much as you focus throughout the map of the world, as much as you descend into the detailed poultry activities all over the world, as close as you are from the final poultry activities at every single corner of our geography, the better you realize the unique opportunity of being in permanent alert of challenges and making room for improvements. These include applicable multiple legislations, whether international, regional or local, and most of all, numerous interpretations of risk assesments in each location.

Not only animal health, but also logistic services as well as political and economical considerations all over the planet are playing a relevant role with one single goal, i.e. moving the best genetics all around. And that’s what we, both you and us, are doing together.

The year 2014 will not be the first, neither will it be the last year in which those related challenges will be considered as the number one priority for Lohmann Tierzucht as the leading supplier of layer genetics.

Setting simple priorities in a company is not only a matter of establishing a decisive dream team. It is a matter of a full package of considerations like market trends and its evaluation, local product adjustments and timeframe for the final product availability, and especially, the financial resources available for strategic qualitative investments.

Lohmann Tierzucht has been able to put this complex puzzle together and is supplying the entire global market whilst observing the individual needs of both its respective production sites as well as those in the market. It has reaffirmed its global position with sufficient international locations and product supply possibilities. The most recent example is our latest large investment in Canada from which the possibilities to counter the above challenges will increase substantially.

But this is not enough; we also need you, the market, the partners and the related stakeholders to give us hints as well as indications and to try to add flexibility in schedules, etc. to the already formally established processes. To be precise, what we want is to deliver punctually the latest genetic products to your farm.

Till today, we are doing a great job together and Lohmann Tierzucht can only thank you for your loyalty, cooperation and sustainable common growth. We are proud about this and are confident, it will continue this way. We will remain on alert in the next days and even in the following months to make sure that the level of mutual satisfaction increases permanently.

Join us on this challenging journey
and let us succeed, together.

Javier Ramírez
Managing Director