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70 YEARS STEINSLAND & CO Profitability and quality. Stone on stone

Nicole Rehse

70 YEARS STEINSLAND & CO Profitability and quality. Stone on stone
Steinsland & Co recently celebrated a remarkable milestone, marking 70 years of success in the poultry business

A look back

Norvald Steinsland started out as a farmer in 1947. With two empty hands and manual labour, he laid the foundations for the company that has become Steinsland & Co. today.

In 1953, production began in the company’s first own hatchery, marking the start of a successful family business. In 1990, Steinsland & Co signed a letter of intent for the exclusive right to import LOHMANN to Norway.

4 years before the borders were opened for imports, Steinsland & Co secured the future co-operation with one of the most successful poultry breeding companies in the world, which has now lasted for 30 years.
In 1993, the time had finally come: the first LOHMANN parent stock flock was imported by Steinsland. From then on, forward-looking investments and an ever attentive eye on the requirements of the Norwegian market ensured Steinsland’s current success.


By focusing on state-of-the-art solutions in its own facilities and implementing an optimised operating plan, the company has grown steadily to this day.

The company’s philosophy and objective is to produce laying hens of the highest quality as the basis for optimum profitability – for the company itself and for its customers.

This also includes advising customers and partners at a high professional level and providing access to high-performance breeds. LOHMANN is the right partner for both.

30 years of Breeding for success – Together!

As a proud sales partner of LOHMANN BREEDERS for the last 30 years, this anniversary is of particular significance. To celebrate this success, Steinsland & Co organised a major seminar attended by 250 customers, experts and partners.
The event served as a platform to recognise the invaluable partnership between Steinsland & Co and LOHMANN BREEDERS, which has been instrumental in their growth and successes.
It was a momentous occasion to toast their journey and the successful collaboration that has characterised their success.

Thinking about tomorrow today

Creating the right conditions for the future today means.

Running a hatchery and breeding operation requires large investments that must be amortised over a long period of time.

The second and third generations, Nils & Brit, Tone & Nash, are currently running Steinsland with a strong focus on quality and profitability.
The aim is to run the business in such a way that future generations have the right conditions to continue to be proud egg lovers. Because we all know now: