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If we consider the continuous genetics progress of LOHMANN birds in the past decades, confirmed through information on the pure line and Grandparent levels along with the performance data of parent stock and commercial layers coming from the field worldwide, the trend is clear. More eggs per hen housed, higher egg mass, better shell quality, prolonged production cycle, improved persistency and feed efficiency are among others some of the most important developments. This is why we talk about modern layers or so-called champions nowadays.
For sure improved feeding technologies and superior management methods done by you as our respected customers, play a big role as well to reach outstanding performance results. Anyhow we would all agree that these LOHMANN birds deserve contemporary and up-to-date management tools adjusted to our modern world and present times. In these days it is almost impossible to imagine a life without our smart phones, internet and other modern IT-tools in day-to-day life.
  There’s not a day without a new App on our smart phone which makes our personal and professional life easier in different aspects. Certainly poultry business is not an exception as well. On the other hand for any of us involved in this business it is certainly obvious that our daily deal with the flocks and being with and among birds cannot be replaced by our smart phones in our pockets.Nevertheless, the new tools can offer a great opportunity to improve our management tools for birds simplifying our daily routines in farm and office. This is one of the main reasons that LOHMANN gives a high value to innovative management tools since some years adjusted to our champions in field.


A new era began some years ago introducing digital versions of booklets and guides with so-called e-Books and e-Guides. They can be easily read on a wide variety of devices anywhere, anytime with practical features. In this context, LOHMANN TIERZUCHT offers his customers for the first time a practical e-Guide available for different breeds. This e-Guide provides basic knowledge of how to manage LOHMANN birds along with additional information and videos. It is also possible to switch easily between different topics or go directly to a page through table of contents or reading additional information via hyperlinks. On the other hand the e-guides are always upto-date and available on our PCs or in our pockets preventing mass printing of old versions of management guides.
The first e-Guide is available for LOHMANN LSL and LOHMANN BROWN varieties following a completely brand-new and very practical hatchery guide.

COP “Customer Order Processing”

The new Order-Online system of LOHMANN was introduced to you almost one year ago. Today all orders for parent stock flocks are done by our customers through this efficient tool. The benefits of this program for both sides are certainly clear.
From easy ordering procedure of future flocks in advance without any delay and hindrances in-between to the overview of delivered flocks and forecast for the production are some of the advantages.
The orders can be amended easily by customers and changes are immediately forwarded to relevant departments at LOHMANN main office for further actions. New useful tools such as summary of first week mortality of delivered flocks have been added to this system. Furthermore the “Surplus” feature allows you to have the possibility of receiving more Day-Old-Chickens than originally ordered by you in case there’s a surplus of chicks on hatch day. Additionally all related shipment documents are as well uploaded to the corresponding order and available any time for customers through their account. We believe that COP contributes a main share of our goal to maintain our strong and successful business relationships with our customers.

The Lighting Program App “LOHMANN LiPro”

Sexual maturity and performance of layers are substantially affected by the length of daylight during rearing and production. In systems where pullets are kept in windowless houses without access to the outside, lighting programs can be designed in such a way that optimal rearing and preparation for the laying period are guaranteed. However, still in many world-wide light-tight houses are rare and environmental controlled houses which have been constructed during the last years are often not fully light-tight. Lighting programs adapted to specific conditions are a valuable tool in the management of highly productive LOHMANN birds.
For example, it is very important to apply the appropriate lighting programs for the laying hens kept in new alternative systems such as free-range. For these kinds of housings a tailor-made lighting program has to be compiled. “LTZ lighting Program App“ offers you the opportunity to make this possible set to the season, geographical location and the date of the hatch. This app is now available for iPad tablets and can be downloaded from Apple app store. The conventional version of the lighting program for PC is available for use as before.

FSP “Flock Surveillance Program”

FSP-Online is another useful management tool developed by LOHMANN. This online tool as a replacement for old Excel-Sheets and first week mortality reports, allows you to easily enter the corresponding information of a delivery such as arrival times, house temperature or mortality rates. The information can be updated daily upon arrival of the chicks. You may upload pictures, videos and add your comments using this link, as well as data logger files. This tool has been permanently updated for a smooth usage and with new features. The online link for using this tool will be sent to customers on hatch date by E-Mail.


This App is known well for the ones who participated in our last distributor meetings in Japan and Spain. All important information such as registration form, seminar program, flight advices etc. are implanted in this program. For the first time we tried the new feature of live chats during the workshops with a positive feedback from your side. This App will be updated for all upcoming Franchise Distributor Meetings of LOHMANN in future.

Flockman 4U

Since many years LTZ provides Excel templates and production charts to keep track of performances commercial and parent stocks. Flockman4U as a modern alternative program is a web-based managing and monitoring tool for parent stock and commercial flocks to easily collect and record data of different flocks. Single flock results are shown as graphs and tables which can be easily compared with target standards.
A peer report ranks the customer’s own ¬flocks and an anonymous comparison with similar flocks in the database is a valuable and interesting evaluation for the farmers.The Lighting Program software for open houses is implemented in this program as well.

Specification App

Body weight development in the rearing, production per hen/ day, egg weight, livability or the cumulative eggs mass are some of the most important parameters for an egg producer to optimize the performance results. For the parent stock farmers also the detailed information on the performance, number of hatching eggs and especially saleable chickens at different ages of the birds could be some of the main parameters to have a look on that.
This App offers a unique opportunity to compare your results with standards of LOHMANN commercial layers and parent stock including details and charts. This app is available for Android and iOS devices on Google Play store and Apple app store.