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Huat Lai Resources

Malaysia is a country located in South East Asia that has borders with Thailand in West Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei in East Malaysia. It‘s one of the mega diverse countries that has a very rich biodiversity. It‘s main attractions include the world‘s oldest lush tropical rainforest, beautiful white sandy beaches and rare animals like the Orang Utan. A former British colony, Malaysia gained it‘s independence on 31st August 1957 and since then it has undergone rapid growth and industrialization to become a modern state it is today.

Home to almost 30 million citizens of multi religious and cultural background , it has one of the highest per capita egg consumption in the south-east asian region, with 300 eggs per person.

The egg industry in Malaysia has grown exponentially over the years after the country experienced an economic boom in the 80‘s, and the egg industry has transited from backyard poultry farming into the modern production system it is today.

The Malaysian egg market is made up of 97% brown eggs and about 3% tinted eggs. The consumers and producers here prefer dark uniform egg shell colours with a good egg shell quality. Lohmann Tierzucht is proud to be a part of the Malaysian egg market growth and, since 1997, Huat Lai Resources Berhad is our longstanding, loyal customer and distributor of Lohmann Brown commercial layer day old chicks. Lohmann‘s market share in the Malaysian market started at 3% in 1997. Currently, it‘s at 31%, an increase of more than 10 fold in the period of 20 years.

The table shows the production figure of table eggs in Peninsular Malaysia from the year 2004 to year 2015. It can be concluded that egg production has increased steadily for the past 10 years and reached the 9 billion egg mark in 2012. By 2015, the egg output reached 10 billion eggs per year and continue to be very progressive .

Huat Lai Resources Berhad is a public listed company that was incorporated on 12th November 1994. Since then, Huat Lai has made a lot of strategic investments in upgrading their production systems. Beginning as a small traditional commercial layer operation with a daily production of 170,000 eggs during it‘s establishment, Huat Lai Resources now has a daily production of approximately 4 million eggs per day and has since become one of the biggest poultry integrators in Malaysia. The daily target egg production for the coming 2 years is to reach 5 million eggs.

Today, Huat Lai Resources Berhad has it‘s own feedmill, layer parent stock farm, commercial layer farms and it‘s own grading and packing center. It‘s subsidiary companies are Green Friend Fertilizer Sdn Bhd, Huat Lai Products, Linggi Agriculture, Chuan Hong Poultry Sdn . Bhd, TPC Plus Berhad and their subsidiary, PT Lestari Agribisnis in Indonesia and another HLRB Food Pte Ltd incorporated in Singapore.

Mr Lim Yeow Her, the Managing Director of Huat Lai has a positive outlook for the future of layer industry in Malaysia and he believes that there will be more growth in the next few years to come. He is supported by a group of very dedicated professionals that are crucial to the success of Huat Lai Resources and the expansion of the company. The partnership of Lohmann Tierzucht and Huat Lai Resources has flourished throughout the years. We sincerely thank everyone at Huat Lai Resources, especially Mr Lim Yeow Her for his continuous support

Dr. Ling Ling Chuah