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LOHMANN BREEDERS keeps up the serving distributors throughout Latin America

Thomas Abdo Calil

As part of the commitment LOHMANN BREEDERS has to its distributors around the globe, it was now Brazil´s turn.

During the first week of February 2024 Thomas Calil and Juan Valle were pleased to travel across the country with the good companion of the technical staff of both of our distributors in this huge country: Planalto Postura and LOHMANN do Brasil. In the Northeast Cost of the country at the sunny state of Ceará, we visited our local representatives and salespeople as well as 2 important players, where we could collect recent information on the performance of LOHMANN products from different perspectives, ranging from conventional open house facilities to modern climate-controlled systems.

Then, it was time to fly out to meet a group of customers in Caruaru, still in Northeast region, now in Pernambuco state, where LOHMANN do Brasil hosted our guests for a fruitful technical meeting.

Another flight day and our crew landed in Uberlandia, hometown of Planalto Postura, where Dr. Olimpio Miranda, technical manager and Mr. Cesar Cervelatti, director of sales welcomed a team of representatives, customers and its Sales&Service team.
On top picture, standing on the left in the back. Mr Cesar Cervelatti (Sales director of Planalto Postura) explains key traits of LOHMANN LSL Lite NA to the audience.

Above, from left to right: Dr. Tiago Antonio (consultant of Samonte), Dr. Manoel Pope (Ganja Indaiá), Dr. Vanessa Kodaira (Planalto Postura), Dr. Romário Wenceslau (Planalto Postura), Dr. Aureo Tanaka (MSU Bastos), Rosana Souza (Planalto Postura), Dr. Jhony Gilio (Auster), Prof Dr. Evandro Abreu (Federal University of Uberlandia) and Arnaldo Pereira (Somai Nordeste).

No more flights, but road trips. Bastos, the largest egg producing region in the country, was the next destination, where LOHMANN do Brasil has a sales office and warmly welcomed Juan and Thomas for an insightful meeting on nutrition and market trends, after a well-organized round of technical discussions arranged by Leomar Klassmann (Managing Director) and Dr. Marcos Borges (Technical manager).
LOHMANN do Brasil team present at Bastos meeting. From left to right Mr Jair L. da Silva, Mr Carlos Gastali, Dr Marcos Borges, Anderson Silva, Leomar Klassmann and the LOHMANN BREEDERS team: Thomas Calil and Juan Valle Diez.

Lots of productive discussions on future market tendencies and nutritional management during heat stress as it is currently the trendiest point of concern as Brazil still faces unusual heat waves. We have, literally, covered hot topics this week!  
Last day was an internal meeting with our Parent Stock production team, so we could align their current nutrition and feeding managements with most recent updates from LOHMANN BREEDERS, in partnership with their local premix provider.

It´s been a challenging week to make 5 thousand kilometers, to be in 5 different states and to fit it all in just 5 days. From an unforgettable sea food by the Atlantic shore in Fortaleza, passing through the unbeatable Picanha swords in Uberlandia, ending up with the cozy and delicious Japanese restaurant in Bastos we´re more than satisfied to have exchanged and learned from you all.

We thank LOHMANN do Brasil and Planalto Postura for being able to manage the good logistics and gather an expressive share of the Brazilian layer market in our meetings!






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