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LOHMANN Experts visit Chinese Distributors in 2024

Xinye Yang

Dr. Matthias Voss, the Veterinary Scientific Director, and Dr. Marco Magrini, the Veterinary Specialist, from Lohmann’s Global Technical Service team, embarked on a 7-day journey to China starting on March 8th.

Their visit was filled with valuable encounters as they met with three LOHMANN distributors in China and actively participated in technical exchange meetings organized by each distributor.

Sichuan SunLohmann

Their journey began with a visit to Sichuan SunLohmann, the exclusive distributor of LOHMANN Pink in China.

Han Xiaoyu, the Quality Control Manager at SunLohmann, graciously accompanied Dr. Matthias Voss and Dr. Marco Magrini as they visited various local breeding companies, including GP Group Sichuan, Lushan Qianji Poultry, Sichuan Haimu Farming, and Sichuan Xinyouxin Poultry.

Jiangsu Nongbang Poultry

Dr. Marco Magrini participated in the Poultry Technical Exchange Conference held by Jiangsu Nongbang Poultry. Nongbang is an authorized distributor of Lohmann Brown – Lite.

The conference commenced with a speech by Tong Haibing, the director of Jiangsu Poultry Research Institute.

He highlighted Jiangsu’s significance as a major province for laying hens in China, boasting a diverse range of breeds. With Lohmann’s exceptional quality, dedicated technical service and impressive marketing performance, the market outlook appears highly favorable.
Tong Haibing, director of Jiangsu Poultry Research Institute

Jiang Hua, Lohmann’s Sales Director in China, made an informative speech highlighting the distinctive features of Lohmann Brown – Lite and the remarkable genetic advancements.
Jiang Hua, Lohmann’s Sales Director in China

Dr. Marco Magrini focused his presentation on layer diseases that impact the productivity of laying hens.

Taking a global perspective, Dr. Magrini synthesized the breeding experiences of Lohmann Brown – Lite across various regions worldwide. In conclusion, he provided valuable insights into preventive measures and practical treatment recommendations.
Dr. Marco Magrini, Veterinary Specialist, from Lohmann’s Global Technical Service team

Wang Youling, from Tianjin Ruipu and South China Agricultural University, gave a significant presentation addressing the prevailing situation of Avian Influenza (AI) in China, along with its strategies for prevention and control.

Wang Youling, from Tianjin Ruipu and South China Agricultural University

Over 80 distinguished experts from China’s laying industry, representing various regions, participated in profound discussions.

The captivating discussions revolved around a diverse range of topics, delving into the latest breakthroughs in laying hen breeds, genetic performance, and optimal approaches to safeguarding poultry health against diseases.

Hebei Jinming Poultry Co., Ltd.

For the final leg of this exchange, LOHMANN experts visited Hebei Jinming Poultry Co., Ltd., a vibrant company that places great emphasis on research and development.

Jinming is an authorized distributor of Lohmann Brown – Lite in China.

At the technical seminar held at Jinming, Dr. Magrini delivered a detailed presentation on the diverse range of vaccines used in poultry production and elucidated effective strategies for preventing poultry diseases.

Following the seminar, he engaged in further discussions and knowledge-sharing sessions with domestic farmers and vaccine experts, fostering a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Prof. Dr. Zhao Kuan from Hebei Agricultural University delivered an insightful speech titled “A Comprehensive Approach to Eliminating Mycoplasma Synoviae.”

He discussed the hazards and control strategies of Mycoplasma Synoviae, with a specific focus on the high-temperature incubation approach and purification effectiveness. Finally he proposed a feasible plan to completely eradicate Mycoplasma Synoviae.

Prof. Dr. Zhao Kuan, from Hebei Agricultural University


The LOHMANN specialists gained valuable insights on the performance of Lohmann Pink and Lohmann Brown – Lite in China. Sharing their expertise on common poultry diseases, they exchanged ideas with Chinese laying farms on prevention and control measures.

This visit not only enhanced the understanding of LOHMANN layers capabilities in the Chinese market but also paved the way for a brighter future in the realm of poultry health and welfare.

Dr. Matthias Voss expressed that LOHMANN is also intensifying communication and dialogue with Chinese laying farmers. The field data collected during these interactions is invaluable and provides practical support for continuous improvement of LOHMANN’s genetic performance.

This has been an enriching journey of knowledge exchange in the field of breeding. We look forward to the possibility of hosting more LOHMANN events in China in the future. Let us eagerly anticipate what lies ahead!






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