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Have you ever thought about what happens between the hatchery and the farm? The path day-old chicks travel from door to door? The LOHMANN Logistic Team has, of course! The result is a focused presence everywhere in the world as this is potentially the most risky part of the journey for the chicks you have ordered and an essential element of being able to safely arrive at the destination from A or B or C.

Support from hatchery to farm

In recent years, the global situation regarding avian influenza has increasingly forced us to discover new ways of supplying our customers from our existing or new sites. The team worked out new gateways but also came across new difficulties such as third parties who are involved in the process but lack sufficient knowledge of poultry, as well other challenges. The team took on a proactive role and used their expertise to smoothly support the route from the hatchery to the farm.

Knowledge and presence improve transport

Previously, routine flights were booked by head office. Now, however, this process is done from a mobile office so that all the stakeholders around the world are involved as active participants. The links in the chain include our experts at airports, warehouses, airlines, transport companies, veterinary authorities and our customers – all with the common aim of improving the knowledge levels of everybody who is involved in transporting and handling our day-old chicks. You may meet one of us next time when your LOHMANN chicks arrive at the airport or your farm.

Needs of the chicks

Without information, other people cannot possibly know the precise needs of chicks, the issues that have to be considered before, during and after transport and the all-important environmental factors such as ventilation, temperature and humidity. From our position in the poultry sector, we have to supply this information. In a highly critical transport process, we work with partners who, for 90% of the time, normally handle other, non-perishable goods. These people need to be trained and given increased awareness of the sensitive needs and habits of livestock in transit. And new born chicks belong to the most difficult category

Globally connected

So, we transported our desk from the office and now work surrounded by those new partners. We share, we train, we see, we change, we adapt. Thanks to mobile phones we can be ‘present’ in multiple regions of the world to deal with different issues at different time zones all at the same time. This tool makes it possible to practically connect the entire world 24/7. Rapid and almost immediate contact with support using photos, video clips or contact allows us to be virtually everywhere, standing alongside our partners and assisting them with immediate solutions, proposing adjustments or corrections or giving feedback on preparations for the handling of the day-old chicks.

Different challenges, different solutions

Another challenge we face is that the same solutions are not effective, or even available, in all locations. This is quite logical if you bear in mind the diverse infrastructures and climates found on all six continents served by our LOHMANN gateways. We have reached out to include and involve ”outsiders” as part of our team. We intend to actively continue this process and use our presence to raise the levels of commitment of newcomers to our world – the route between hatchery door and farm door. Our pool of experts is available with support for all interested parties.

Customer service from door to door

Another extra service we have implemented enables our customers to send us details of the vehicles they will use to collect the day-old chicks at the airport. We examine the details, such as the surface of the loading area and other technical data and propose a loading plan for the best configuration of the boxes designed to minimise the risks of overheating, freezing or suffocation. You are invited to use this service for your next delivery. The service is easy to use and offers triple benefits: for you, for us and for the chicks.

Breeding for success – together!

Together we form a stronger team between the hatchery and the farm. We would like to invite you to join our team so we can learn from you and help outsiders to handle our chicks better. Silvia Mouriño

FSP “Flock Surveillance Program”

Please immediately update the FSP links after your chicks have arrived, i.e. the arrival numbers. In the event of an incident, we will be altered immediately and can respond at once with answers or solutions to resolve the issue. Notification that the flock has arrived safe and well can also be updated

COP “Customer Order Processing”

Today all orders for parent stock flocks are done through the Order-Online system. The benefits of this program for both sides are certainly clear. From easy ordering procedure of future flocks in advance without any delay and Hindrances in-between to the overview of delivered flocks and forecast for the production are some of the advantages. The orders can be amended easily by customers and changes are immediately forwarded to relevant departments at LOHMANN main office for further actions. The planing, genetic and production department can serve the best preparation having the your flock orders for the next 2 years placed in this efficient tool. If you have the chance kindly have a short look into it, if your next 2 years orders are allready placed. Having this done you can use allready the planning with the forecast of the production of the flocks you ordered.