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LPN Congress & Expo RETURNS

LPN Congress & Expo RETURNS

After being postponed a couple of times due to the pandemic, the event finally took place from 13. – 15. October 2021.
The aim of the event is to bring together participants from all links in the production of eggs and broilers. LOHMANN played a special role in this event.
We were the only layer breeding company that had an own stand at the fair and that actively participated in the congress.

The congress exceeded expectations with the participation of approximately 1.000 attendees, 45 speakers and 39 exhibition booths.

Our stand was simple, but with an excellent appearance. The whole set-up allowed for pleasant customer conversations and at the same time the social distancing required nowadays.

Our promotional material was well received. As most of the visitors to our stand were “insiders”, they were of course already looking for our updated management guides.

LPN Concept

On the first day, three workshops were held in parallel:

  • One on incubation
  • A second on mycotoxin management
  • And the third on layers

On the following days, the presentations were divided into three sections on egg production, broilers and nutrition.
After the presentations, a discussion between various experts from the Latin American poultry industry took place in the centre of the exhibition area. Topics here included animal welfare, alternative production systems and the use of antibiotics.

First Day – Workshop LOHMANN BREEDERS

We could win two external speakers for our workshop:

Mrs Maritza Tamayo Salmoran and Mr Roberto Becerra Olmedo. Our workshop was divided into three different parts.

The first part was presented by our colleague Mr. Matheus Alves under the title “Critical points in the rearing and production of laying hens with a long laying period”.

Secondly, Roberto Becerra Olmedo had the floor. This was about “Trends in egg production and animal welfare”.
Mrs. Maritza Tamayo Salmoran concluded with her presentation on “How to strengthen and evaluate the immunity of laying hens in a long production cycle”.

After our workshop, which was by far the most attended with 128 participants, the three speakers found their way to our stand and were available for questions and discussions.

Second Day – technical presentations moderated by LOHMANN

Our colleagues from the Technical Service Team Braulio Ruiz and Matheus Alves both took over the moderation in the “Egg Production Room” and also later in the central debate.

They both represented LOHMANN excellently. There was extremely positive feedback from participants and the congress team.

LOHMANN & LPN Congress – a perfect duo

Participating in the LPN Congress was absolutely the right decision. The event was very productive for us. We were able to meet important representatives of our industry.

On the one hand, the LPN Congress showed us our stability and reputation on the market and, on the other hand, we also had the opportunity to make new contacts.

We are already looking forward to next year, when it will be LPN Congress in Miami again.