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Mr. Geraldo José de Souza Pinto Planalto Postura

Mr. Geraldo José de Souza Pinto Planalto Postura

We remember a good and long-time business partner and an extraordinary person.
Already in March 2021, Mr. Geraldo José de Souza Pinto, Sales and Service Manager of Planalto Postura in Brazil, passed away.
He had to fight a severe cancer 2 years ago. At the end of last year, he even won the fight against Covid, unlike his wife who unfortunately did not make it. But early in 2021, the cancer came back stronger than ever and took his life within a few days.

We have had a successful business relationship with Planalto Postura for many years, dating back more than 20 years and continuing to this day. With him, Planalto has achieved important milestones such as the consolidation of Lohmann success in Brazil, being a longstanding leading layer breed in such a large market.
During this long time we had the opportunity to meet Mr. de Souza Pinto several times and to get to know him from his private side as well. It was always a pleasure to meet him and especially the professional exchange was always enriching for both sides.
We will always remember Mr. de Souza Pinto as an exemplary and committed expert in his field. A special person whom we greatly admired for his friendly and sympathetic nature, his extensive knowledge and his commitment.

Our sympathy is with his family even after this prolonged period of mourning.