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Since 2011, the Myanmar government has launched a programme of political and economic reforms and initiated important investments in trade and the economy. Financial measures have also been introduced, including a unified exchange rate system, a new foreign investment law, relaxed import and export restrictions, and the implementation of a minimum wage; all measures aimed at attracting the attention of global investors.

Following the first democratic elections in 2015, ethnic and religious disputes and the huge gap between rich and poor have become the focus of political and economic reforms, but despite this, Myanmar is the still the golden land for investments in the coming decades.

First impression

The first impression of the country on arrival in Yangon is the crowded traffic, but without any motorcycles, and the unbelievable sight of both right-hand and lefthand drive vehicles zooming along side by side on the right side of the road. Yangon‘s split personality traffic is like the current situation in Myanmar: political reform and economic liberalisation is the vehicle that has already driven ahead at high speed, the powers that be are like the left-hand drive cars and the right-hand drive cars have started a tournament in this once peaceful Buddha road .

Myanmar’s basic infrastructure, financial system, and the general living conditions still lag far behind, especially in the countryside, but almost everyone in Myanmar has a smartphone with WiFi for Google, Facebook, to browse the web and send emails. So in that sense, Myanmar is connected to the world in its own way. Of course, it is handy to buy a SIM card or switch the roaming function on to call your family or friends when you arrive Yangon.

United Layer Breeder Road Show

Along with economic liberalisation and development, the demand for animal protein, including table eggs, is increasing with large, brown table eggs popular among consumers and commanding a premium price. The poultry sector in Myanmar is showing incredible growth across the board and our loyal Myanmar distributor United Layer Breeder (ULB) is one of the leaders in this explosive wave. ULB was established in 2011 and they have acquired huge success through their reputation for providing good quality day-old chicks and reliable technical support as the local layer producer. In June 2017, the LOHMANN Asia team was very honoured to be invited to speak at their annual national road show, where they shared LOHMANN BROWN rearing management skills and provided disease control and biosecurity measures. Today‘s Myanmar is busy actively reviving its former glory and LOHMANN is honoured to supply ULB to help achieve a historic milestone in Myanmar’s layer market.

Chien Ming Wu