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Esra Evrenkaya

In August 2021 Esra Evrenkaya joined our Global Technical Service Team as a nutritionist.
She lives in Turkey and is a certified Veterinary Specialist in Poultry and worked as a livestock manager in a big layer company in Turkey which has one and half million layers in production.
During this period, she decided to learn more about chicken (layer/poultry), especially in the feeding sector, as this is a major cost factor in poultry farming.

Esra started her PhD education at Ankara University at the faculty of agriculture department of animal nutrition. With this development her new title becomes a nutritionist.
At the same time, she built a R&D department and she had studies about probiotics, amino acids, NIR calibrations.

Eduardo Bernardi

Eduardo joined LOHMANN in August 2021 as the Business Development Manager for Asia Pacific.
Although new to LOHMANN BREEDERS, he is not a new face to Cuxhaven, where he has lived and worked at LAH, and neither to the LOHMANN family, where his wife has previously been part of the laboratory team. They now live in Queensland, Australia, not too far from their twin boys.

With a veterinary degree, Eduardo’s poultry experience comes from different stages of his life, with poultry breeding, feeds, vaccines, and equipment, in positions based in Brazil, Canada, Germany, Malaysia and New Zealand.

Xinye Yang

Xinye Yang also joined LOHMANN and the marketing department in August 2021.
She has a bachelor’s degree in Arts and Business Administration and a master’s studies in Sociology.
In the past 5 years, she worked as an Executive Manager in a manufacture. Responsible for marketing development and export-business support.

Along the years, Xinye has organized trade fairs, events and developed different marketing projects.