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Review Midwest Poultry Show 2012

Review Midwest Poultry Show 2012

The next fair takes place again in the Saint Paul River Centre from 13 -14 March 2013.

With regard to the participating exhibitors and visitors, this year’s Midwest Poultry Show held in the Saint Paul River Centre in Saint Paul, Minnesota, from 12 to 16 March, was considered by the organizers as a milestone.

During the fair, LOHMANN TIERZUCHT supported its customer Hy-Line North America who supplies the United States and the western part of Canada with layers „Made in Germany“. Introduced in the North American Market in 2001, LSL-LITE has in the meantime become an integral part of the US egg production. The experts appreciate its very high laying performance.

Especially in poultry farms, which by now have given up moulting, LSL-LITE impresses with its outstanding persistency regarding laying performance and shell stability. LOHMANN TIERZUCHT Canada Ltd. provides Hy-Line North America’s parent stock farms with more than 300.000 parent stock chicks per year.

The LOHMANN experts Mr. Leerhoff, Mr. Arar and Dr. Thiele have had interesting discussions with Hy-Line North America’s existing customers as well as with potential clients for German layers.

The conversation partners asked many questions focussing on alternative layer management, which is referred to as “noncage production” in North America. Americans seek after experiences Europeans have gained meanwhile with such housing systems and the corresponding layer management.

Dr. Hans-Heinrich Thiele, Technical Service