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Sichuan Premium’s – 1st Annual Conference

Xinye Yang

Sichuan Premium (SP), as the first GP farm of LOHMANN BREEDERS in China, successfully held its annual conference on January 31st, marking a significant milestone for the company’s achievements in China.

During the conference, Jörg Heir (CEO of Lohmann Breeders) and Matthias Schmutz (R&D Director) expressed their gratitude and extended sincere holiday greetings to the SP colleagues through a video message.

Antonio Paraguassu, Managing Director of ILD, Jimmy Chen from ILD, along with Dr. Atoussa Mazaheri, also connected via video to reflect upon the past year’s work and convey their New Year blessings to the Chinese team.

In 2023, SP witnessed a remarkable group of employees who showed unwavering dedication and a relentless drive for success in production and biosecurity.
These outstanding individuals made significant contributions to the company; Sales Director (China) Jiang Hua and Production Manager (China) John Zhang awarded them with honorary medals.

Their exemplary spirit will inspire others to strive for greatness and shine brightly at SP.

A clear work plan is half the battle for success. SP has established the development plan and business objectives for 2024, with detailed departmental plans in place.

LOHMANN stands as a global leader in the field of laying hen breeding, renowned for delivering top-notch, high-performance birds to China.
With our meticulously balanced breeding system and innovative techniques, we consistently provide the Chinese market with birds of exceptional quality.

Happy Year of the Dragon! May all your endeavors be successful.





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