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Sep 21 Speakers
“FDM goes ONLINE 2021”


Statement on the debate on the topic
The bridge to the future – Opportunities in the layer market”

Mr. Bernd Meerpohl
CEO Big Dutchman AG in Vechta-Calveslage, Germany

There surely have been many times where foreseeing the future was not easy. I think the present times are equally hard to make sense of.

A massive crater has opened between wishes, words and reality so that it is hard to see the truth. This is no different in the developments of the layer world. Politics and the food industry are coming up with unrealistic requests every day to manage a small part of society.

We can debate this or find it unjust, but we will never change this inherent problem wherever we are in the world in different scenarios.
That is why we better stay flexible and adaptable – the answer to all questions regarding the future.

Mr. Chris Pierce
President of Heritage Poultry Management Services, Inc. in Annville, Pennsylvania, United States

Egg farmers around the world have one common trait…the ability to successfully respond to challenges.

The value of “natures miracle food (eggs)” and the global demand for eggs will drive us to adjust our businesses to ensure we meet the supply needs for all the methods of production in our regions of business.

Mr. Daniel Fernandes Mohallem
Founder of Planalto Ovos in Brazil

The animal welfare principles have always guided my career and being able to act with greater autonomy in the search for better conditions is extremely satisfying. Regardless of how the market will behave, it is crucial that birds are treated responsibly and that ESG policies are taken into account.

Planalto Ovos have an approach that differs from the conventional standard in Brazil, aiming for a niche market. We hope that this market will grow in Brazil and that more consumers have access to products with high levels of quality and animal welfare.

Ms. Dawn Neo
Senior Manager, Corporate Engagement at Global Food Partners in Singapore

The key to success lies in greater collaboration between various industry stakeholders.

Mr. Hendrik Albertus Lourens
CEO Quantum Foods Ltd. in South Africa

On the African continent low per capita income and hunger is a daily reality. The priority for millions of people is to have access to affordable food. As such there is a balance to be struck between producing affordable healthy food and the need for care of animals.

Mr. Jörg Hurlin
Group Coordinator Technical Solutions EW GROUP Holding in Visbek, Germany
Managing Director Agri Advanced Technologies (AAT) in Visbek, Germany

In ovo sexing technologies are a major milestone for animal welfare in the layer industry and offer the opportunity to add value to the supply chain by creating new market segments.

AAT´s solution is currently the most sustainable and efficient alternative of phasing out day-old-chick culling for brown layers markets.

Mr. Mark Williams
Chief Executive British Egg Industry Council in London, United Kingdom

The egg industry is one of the most dynamic sectors of agriculture. It has always been unsupported, which has made it highly efficient, innovative and reactive to consumer demand. It is also responsible, recognizing its responsibility to produce a high quality, affordable and safe product for consumers.






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