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This year’s LOHMANN SCHOOL Russia took place on 19-22 June in Yekaterinburg. Specialists from high-volume egg poultry farms in Russia and neighbouring countries actively participated in this event.


The number of participants was almost 100 and the audience showed keen interest in the lectures. The range of topics covered the technology of housing, animal health and feeding as well as the characteristics and needs of LOHMANN‘s breeding products. There was also an opportunity to discuss numerous practical questions, such as the rationality and efficiency of forced moulting, lighting, balanced feeding etc. In addition to the lectures, a round table session was organised. The participants could ask specific questions, exchange experiences and get the opinion of the LOHMANN experts.

Birthday Atmosphere

There was not only a working, but also a festive atmosphere, as it was the 10th anniversary of the LOHMANN SCHOOL Russia! Many of the participants had already received a certificate of attendance before and willingly shared their experiences and memories. Even the weather did its best and during the festive banquet on the banks of the river Sysert, we successfully ordered sunshine!
It was not purely by coincidence that the Jubilee School was held in Yekaterinburg, because 22 years ago the first parent stock chicks were supplied to PF Sverdlovskaya from Germany. That signalled the successful entry on the CIS market. We hope that all the participants went home with more knowledge and insight and look back on an enjoyable programme with plenty of unforgettable impressions. We are really looking forward to welcoming you at our next LOHMANN SCHOOL event!
Galina Scholz

Hello! Thank you very much for the event. LOHMANN’s specialists have an enormous amount of knowledge and practical experience. I myself noted 20 or so points about poultry management to improve the results of production activity. I thank the speakers for their sincere desire to share their accumulated experience and develop other people. The round table format is very important and often provides insights, but unfortunately we could not attend this meeting because we had to leave. Hence the desire to audio or video record the presentations and discussions. For the next LOHMANN SCHOOL it would be very interesting to look at management in rearing replacement chicks: evaluation of plumage development and the size of internal organs, evaluation of uniformity and ways to increase it, starting period, feeding, etc. Special thanks to the event organisers for the warm welcome and attention to each participant!

I wish to express my gratitude to your team for these seminars, for this opportunity for young professionals like me, who are just beginning their career in poultry rearing. At the school you can learn about the innovations, get acquainted with the practice of other businesses, discover something new, and just relax. The “Questions Box” really helped me, I asked a few questions to which I now know the answer and know how to develop myself further. There were interesting topics such as management of poultry farming, biosecurity, forced moulting, the external and internal qualities of eggs, non-contagious diseases. This was my first LOHMANN SCHOOL! In the future I hope to attend more of these seminars, put on by you! Maybe soon I will make my own report!

I am happy that I have been able to work for so many years with LOHMANN TIERZUCHT. I was there at the very beginning when this bird was imported to us in Russia. And as far as the bird itself is concerned, I am strongly convinced that the LOHMANN is the best bird in the world!

As always it was interesting to meet all the participants in the School and to hear the latest presentations. The LOHMANN SCHOOL had a very rich and useful content and at the same time had the friendly atmosphere of a home school. I very much liked the idea with the “box”, specialists cannot always ask questions orally but we saw a whole stack of written questions! I can still see the lovely venue of our evening at the lake! Unforgettable! The evenings you organise always stay in the memory. Galina Scholz