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Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence at Novo Mundo Hatchery

Minas Gerais, a state in Brazil rich in gold and other gems, has a history rooted in its name, which means “General Mines.” This region, once a major source of gold and silver during Brazil’s colonial era, is now home to another treasure: the Novo Mundo Hatchery, operated by Planalto Postura, which has just celebrated its 30th anniversary.

Founded in 1994, Novo Mundo Hatchery was a groundbreaking facility, boasting a 10,000 square meter construction and advanced technology that set it apart from the simpler hatcheries of its time. Initially located on what was once a solitary lane far from the city limits, it now finds itself surrounded by the urban sprawl of Uberlandia, strategically positioned to supply LOHMANN chicks across Brazil.
Over the years, Novo Mundo Hatchery has undergone numerous transformations and upgrades, ensuring it remains at the forefront of the industry.

Recent enhancements include a state-of-the-art cold storage climatization system, cutting-edge incubation technologies such as the SPIDES machine, and an egg grader that ensures only eggs with over 95% uniformity are set.

Chick holding room with capacity for up to 250.000 DOC at a time ensures perfect climate conditions to guarantee the best welfare status.

The facility also features a dedicated egg pre-warming room with controlled temperature, air speed, and humidity, supporting the multi-stage machines and as part of its continuous modernization efforts there are new single-stage incubators installed.

The hatchery’s commitment to innovation is further demonstrated by its new chick holding room, which employs a “low speed-high volume” air circulation system, adjustable lighting, and temperature control to comfortably accommodate up to 250,000 chicks. These advancements ensure the highest welfare standards for the chicks, a testament to the hatchery’s dedication to excellence.

Biosecurity and hygiene are critical to Novo Mundo Hatchery’s sustained success. The facility is meticulously maintained, defying its 30 years of operation.

Recently, hatchery specialist Davide Assirelli visited and was, as always, impressed by the stringent and efficient biosecurity measures in place.

“It’s always a pleasure to visit this hatchery”, Davide remarked. “The high-level discussions on continuous improvement reflect the outstanding management here.”

Biosecurity is a top priority for Novo Mundo hatchery, from egg to chick. A strict cleaning and disinfection program is carried out routinely in the whole building.

Dr. Ana Carolina, who has been with Planalto for 23 years, has managed the hatchery since 2012.
Her leadership, combined with a dedicated team—many of whom have been with the company since before the hatchery’s inception—reflects Planalto’s exemplary human resources practices. This longevity is a source of immense pride and a cornerstone of the company’s success.

Dr Ana Carolina (white in the center) with a group of longstanding crew members who turned, together with the Novo Mundo Hatchery, 30 years of loyal and dedicated work.

Today, the gems of Minas Gerais have evolved. Novo Mundo Hatchery is where our golden LOHMANN chicks begin their journey, spreading throughout Brazil.

Here’s to 30 years of excellence and many more to come!

Happy Anniversary, Novo Mundo Hatchery!






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