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New business opportunities in Vietnam

New business opportunities in Vietnam
Vietnam is the easternmost country on the Indo China Peninsula in South East Asia. In the past two decades the coun – try has undergo a very rapid develop – ments and it is the one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

The country has a population of 87.8 mil – lion people and therefore it is even more populated than Germany with 80.5 million people. As is most of the Asian countries the population continues to grow and the country has a young population with an average age of 28 years old. Egg Consump – tion is only 70 eggs per capita and expect – ed to increase from year to year parallel to the economic progress.

The major cities in Vietnam are Hanoi in the northern region, Danang in the central region and Ho Chi Minh City or formerly known as Saigon in the southern region. The poultry production activities are fo – cused mainly in the southern region.

The recent “International Livestock, Dairy, Meat Processing and Aquaculture Exposition/ ILDEX” in Ho Chi Minh City was participated for the second time by Lohmann Tierzucht. Despite still being a small show but it is an important one in Vietnam. Ildex Fair provides good opportunities for Lohm ann Tierzu c h t to establish new contacts and prepare the base for strong market presence in this important South East Asian country, VIET N A M .

Prior to the show in November 2013, a group of high ranking delegation from the Vietnam’s Department of Animal Health, has visited Germany to evaluate the biosecurity status, measures and working on a discussion to an agreed Health Certificate between Germany and Vietnam. Lohmann Tierzucht hosted the delegation for 2 days in Cuxhaven, and presented the company and its stringent biosecurity measures and practices. Michael B. Seidel, Sales Director of LT Z visited the Director General Dr P H A M VA N DONG in Hanoi pri – or to the fair who has confirmed that the agreement is now in place and supplies of Day Old Chicks from Germany is now pos – sible.

Overall, the show has been quite a success as new contacts from the major players in the Vietnam’s egg industry has been es – tablished and we are looking forward to a strong market presence in Vietnam.

Dr. Ling Ling Chuah, Area Sales Manager

Michael B. Seidel, Sales Director of LTZ was being interviewed by Tran Thi Thanh Tuy the anchorwoman for VTC 10 (Vietnam local media)
Our esteemed guest, Mr. Junairi Sungkono from Japfa Comfeed Vietnam and Michael B. Seidel
A group of high ranking delegation from the Vietnam’s Department of Animal Health visited LTZ in December 2013