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Nicole Rehse

A good tagline is a powerful tool for communicating a company’s message and standing out from the competition. It can capture the essence of the brand and create a strong emotional connection with customers.

Developing a new tagline is an exciting process that requires creativity and collaboration. In this article, we take a look behind the scenes at the creation of the new slogan “It’s the egg” and how it revolutionises the corporate message.

The process of creating a new slogan

The creation of a new slogan begins with an intensive brainstorming process. Who could be better suited for this than the people who deal with the “LOHMANN brand” on a daily basis? Our colleagues at LOHMANN BREEDERS were able to contribute ideas and suggestions.

The exchange of perspectives and experiences was crucial in order to develop a slogan that reflects the diversity of the company.

After all, our very own “biodiversity” is already evident in the company structure and the internationality of our employees.

Brainstorming among colleagues: Generating ideas and inspiration

No ideas are rejected during the brainstorming process. Every colleague at LOHMANN BREEDERS had the opportunity to contribute their thoughts and suggestions. The diversity of ideas is the key to discovering innovative and unique slogans.

From humorous to serious, from creative to factual – all ideas were welcome and served as a starting point for further discussions.

The selection process: narrowing down the options

After collecting a large number of ideas, it’s time to narrow down the selection. Criteria are established to evaluate the slogans and identify those that best fit the corporate message.

Some of the criteria were relevance, memorability and originality. The selection team discusses and analyses each suggestion to reduce the list of options.

68 suggestions: A wide range of possibilities

A total of 68 suggestions were collected for the new slogan. Each suggestion was carefully scrutinised and evaluated. The wide range of possibilities reflects the creativity and diversity of the employees.

From playful and metaphorical slogans to direct and concise statements, there was a wealth of ideas for the selection team to choose from.

Selection of the 3 best proposals: Criteria and decision-making

After intensive discussions and evaluations, a shortlist of three proposals was made. These proposals met all the criteria and had the potential to communicate the corporate message effectively.

However, the decision as to which of the three proposals would ultimately be selected was not an easy one.

However, it became clear that most of the proposals focussed on the one essential thing.

Focusing on the egg: the central theme of the new slogan

Now the experts had to get to work. The advertising agency The Mine from Copenhagen, Denmark, helped us with the final fresh-up. All the shortlisted proposals centred on the egg as a symbol of creativity, potential and growth. The egg is a strong visual image that immediately attracts attention and arouses emotions.

LOHMANN BREEDERS is the only breeding company that already has the egg in its logo. A unique selling point that should not be ignored here.

Our egg quality has been unrivalled for years, be it shell colour, uniformity or breaking strength. It’s the LOHMANN egg.

The characteristics of a good slogan: catchy, concise and impressive

A good slogan is characterised by certain features. It should be catchy and easy to remember. A concise slogan is short and precise in order to convey the message quickly and effectively. In addition, the slogan should leave a lasting impression on the reader or listener and arouse emotions.

“It’s the egg” fulfils all these characteristics and has the potential to leave a strong impression on customers.

It expresses the company’s conviction that there is potential for something great in every person and in every idea.

Implementing the new slogan: integration into branding and marketing

Once the new slogan has been selected, it is important to integrate it seamlessly into the company’s branding and marketing.

The slogan should be present in all communication channels, be it on the website, in social media or in advertising campaigns.

Consistent use of the slogan strengthens brand recognition and association with the corporate message.

Conclusion: How “It’s the egg” revolutionises the corporate message

A good slogan can revolutionise the corporate message and leave a strong impression on customers. “It’s the egg” is a slogan that impresses with its simplicity and clarity. It conveys the company’s message in a memorable and emotional way.

The development of this slogan was a creative and collaborative process that reflects the diversity and potential of LOHMANN BREEDERS.

“It’s the egg” is now used as a central part of our communication to strengthen the brand and build a strong connection with customers.

So we are looking forward to next year, when our new slogan conquers the world.
But don’t worry, LOHMANN stands for innovation, but also for high quality standards that always remain based on our fundamental principles and that our customers can rely on:

For every management the right hen, for every market the right egg
Breeding for Success….Together!

Focussing on the essentials that concern us all: