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Nicole Rehse



27.06. – 01.07.2022

After a long time, we were finally able to hold our popular LOHMANN SCHOOL again here in Cuxhaven from 27.06. – 01.07.2022. The whole LOHMANN TEAM was very enthusiastic to welcome guests of the LOHMANN SCHOOL in person here in beautiful Cuxhaven after a long break.

Even though the journey was a bit difficult for some participants due to flight cancellations, lack of staff at the airports or visa problems, we were able to welcome all guests on Sunday evening at the Welcome Dinner.
Those who had already arrived on Saturday had the opportunity to take part in a leisure programme organised by our marketing department.
On Monday, things finally got started. Our Managing Director Christoffer Ernst had the opportunity to open a LOHMANN SCHOOL for the first time.
After a short introduction of our company followed by a short historical review of the international poultry and egg market, the next days continued with concentrated expert knowledge about our LOHMANN lines.
As it should be for a LOHMANN SCHOOL, we wanted to transmit the basics of poultry management, i. e basics for rearing and production, handling of hatching eggs, feeding, vaccination and much more. We didn’t want to leave anything out.
Through the joint leisure activities such as bowling and the common dinners, we hopefully succeeded again in creating a good sense of community, even after the longer break.
Because only as a group can good professional discussions and an exchange of experiences take place. These things are an essential part of a successful LOHMANN SCHOOL.
After a visit to the company headquarters in Cuxhaven, the certificates of participation were handed over on Thursday evening, as is traditional for a LOHMANN SCHOOL.

On Friday, all participants had the opportunity to visit the production facilities of Big Dutchman in Vechta, before everyone returned home for the weekend. Even though many questions could already be clarified and problems solved during the event, there is still the possibility for all participants and of course for all customers in general to contact our technical service team:
Our colleagues are happy to answer all questions about poultry management and are always happy to actively support our customers.
If you are particularly interested in a topic, you can of course visit our website. In our toolbox there are different articles for the four major topics: nutrition, management, veterinary and incubation. Most of them are also available to listen to in our podcast.
The days were filled by our team of experts with a diverse programme that was precisely tailored to the field of alternative management. An event is successful when the guests feel comfortable and take away valuable information. We hope that we have succeeded in this and would be pleased to welcome many participants again at one of our various other events.